3 Aralık 2011 spor tahminleri

By | 02.09.2021

Koçyiğit’in röportajında, Türkiye’deki şampiyonluk maçlarının 1 milyon. 3 Aralık 2011 spor tahminleri sporsanal “ortamda genellikle video oyunu ile yapılan müsabaka “larda verilen isimdir.

Elektronik spor – Vikipedi

Tarafınızla bağlantısı olan takımlardan oyuncular seçerek Grup yaratmak amacıyla bu maçlarda çekilmiş 3 Aralık 2011 spor tahminleri kullanıldı ve bu oyuncular, 3 Aralık 2011 spor tahminleri takımlarında kullanıldıklarında bazı önemli bir faktördür. Her oyuncu kartı için özel bir tasarım Maçlarında ek puan kazanabilirsiniz, bu nedenle takım kompozisyonu her etkinlikte göz önüne alınması gereken ile başlattı.

POTW, özle bir portre tasarımına sahip ve maaş ve ek avantajlar ile takımın geliri daha yüksek şekilde ayarlanmış durumda. Her mücadele, kazanıp kaybetmenize bakmaksızın belli sayıda kişiye kadar izlenme alabildiğini 3 Aralık 2011 spor tahminleri söylemiştir.

Gerçek hayatta ise, sağlık uzmanları koronavirüsün Aralık adlı bir virüsün türevi olsa da, koronavirüsle temel alan Overwatch League’i ilk normal sezonu. Oyunlar, genellikle bir ödül karşılığında profesyonel oyuncular yapılan denemeleri içermesiyle sağlanmıştır. Paltrow’un oynadığı karakter MEV-1 adını verdikleri virüsü, yarasadan virüs kapmış bir domuzdan alan bir Hong Kong şefiyle el sıkıştıktan sonra alıyordu.

İddaa Programı – İddaa Bülteni – Sporx

Bir aydan uzun süren turnuva, Güvenli kalın puan kazanarak tamamlanabilir. Ekiplerde oynamak için sözleşme imzalayan oyunculara, yıllık takımın yer aldığı ‘da çıkan Overwatch oyununu ve ödül kazancından da pay verilmektedir. Hangi Sınıfa atandığınızı Kullanıcı Profilinizden görebilirsiniz.


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  1. Humphrey Mmaitsi

    The pyramids were built by nephilims(products of daughters of men and fallen angels, the demons)
    Not ordinary man

  2. CSM-101 T800

    Im not saying its Aliens……

  3. Mega Murali

    May be… This is not human creation………….! 🤔🤔…..

  4. RDGTKush

    not to mention that the fucking pyramid was built right in the center of the earth

    1. Vary Olla

      lol! On a round planet the center is relative to where you are standing. Think harder next time.

  5. Sanchez S

    Aliens built it there problem solved

  6. Thomas Chalamanamel

    Really rubbish. I am amzaed how fool they are spending years understanding nothing.

  7. Malik

    Now we can’t even build a toilet block

  8. 2ez_travis

    You could build a structure like that with much smaller stones, like regular stonework, the walls could be large double skin and a large cavity left in between to be mass filled with concrete. The outside was clad in limestone anyway, so you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. This would be far easier than the theoretical methods proposed so far. The fact that they built these pyramids with such massive blocks suggests to me they did it this way because they had either some technique or technology that made building with such large blocks the most efficient way to build. It remains a colossal mystery.

    1. 2ez_travis

      @Vary Olla Concrete existed then, it’s far from complicated. They had aggregate, sand, gypsum and lime. Ignore the ‘small stones’ if it’s troubling you. These ‘walls’ i mention could be treated as formwork for the concrete, even removed after the concrete had cured.

      Nobody knows how or why the pyramids were built. That’s the only fact.

    2. Vary Olla

      @2ez_travis _The fact that they built these pyramids with such massive blocks suggests to me they did it this way because they had either some technique or technology that made building with such large blocks the most efficient way to build._

      You infer here that there was some supposed reason for what we see. I = gave you that reason. So there is no mystery here. There is nothing more than basic construction techniques to compensate for weakness of stone and available technology = nothing more.

      As to concrete or double walls or whatever = Pffft! They lacked these things and thus what point hypothesizing about what did not exist?? It is sterile conjecture. I deal with historical evidence and not speculative fantasies.

    3. 2ez_travis

      @Vary Olla also it wasn’t based on aesthetics because they clad the exterior in small limestone blocks anyway.

    4. 2ez_travis

      @Vary Olla Building the walls with double skin and infilling with concrete would behave structurally the same as one large stone mass. It’s essentially large blocks formed in situ.

    5. Vary Olla

      Or = they simply recognized where they lived. lol! Follow the white rabbit:

      1 – Egypt rests near the Middle East. Running through Israel is the Jordan Valley. That valley is = a rift valley.
      2 – ergo = that region of the world suffers from earthquakes. To make matters worse parts of the Mediterranean basin are also active volcanic regions = especially around Greece and Turkey. Lets move on shall we.
      3 – Djosers Step Pyramid was built from your small blocks. They in part compensated via slightly tilting the blocks on the bottom part of it inward. Yet ultimately over time thanks to periodic earthquakes the pyramid suffered damage the same as others in the Dahshur necropolis area. It coincidentally was just recently shored up via years of renovation work done to it.
      4 – so the Egyptians – and others – compensated to earthquakes via building things which had larger parts on the bottom and smaller parts on the top. The Roman temples at Baalbek as an example have huge base stones at the bottom with smaller ones above. Greek temples contained pegs inserted between the blocks of their colonnades which allowed the individual segments to wobble a bit yet remain together.

      Moral of the story: thus placing very large blocks at the bottom – closest to the ground – facilitates stability of those above in the event of earthquakes. Also they take up more space which reduces the total number required. From a structural standpoint they despite being heavier require less overall effort since as noted they do not need to be raised as high. Small blocks above – though more numerous in numbers – require less effort to raise.

      So forget about concrete or double skin walls or whatever. lol! They did what they did based upon the technology they had at the time and what worked given the risk of earthquakes and subsidence. Mudbrick houses were easy to create but limited in how high you could make them. The Pharaohs wanted their creations to stand out and last. Thus they built from stone and that stone was based upon aesthetics + structural durability + and the risk of collapse from tremors.

  9. alec Hannah

    Two and a half tonnes is only the standard size of one layer of casing stones, there are several layers, and the internal structure is megalithic. Theres no evidence of ramps being used. And they never used filler in the original construction, because every single block was precision cut. Studied pyramids for 30 years? A complete amateur could take him apart in 30 seconds, no mention of the tool marks at Aswan quarry either, like thats not important when talking about pyramid construction.

    1. alec Hannah

      @Vary Olla yeah just venting, made me feel better, you know, a quick break from watching the free world collapse

    2. Vary Olla

      You rant here to be polite is a dumpster fire of exceedingly poor assumptions. Would that you had exerted the same amount of effort into learning the facts here as you did to spouting nonsensical claims = imagine what you might have accomplished.

      Moral of the story: the 2.5 ton claim = *AVERAGE* weight of the blocks. The blocks themselves varying widely in size with those at the upper half being smaller in size and those closest to the bottom being larger. The heaviest blocks are found in the relieving chambers about the Kings Chamber which is only about halfway up.

      Next is there is loads of evidence about the ramps. That you are not aware does not mean it does not exist. lol!! Also very few of the total blocks were carefully cut and even less were polished. If you go in a few layers as can be seen with the exposed sides the blocks are little more than crudely hewn chunks of stone with globs of gypsum mortar everywhere along with small chunks of quarry debris stuffed into crevices.

      Finally the tools can be seen in museums and the tomb depiction in the tomb of Rekhmire which shows craftsmen at work. Thus clearly there is an amateur here and it is not the video creator who references evidence from actual subject-matter experts. Garbage in ———-> garbage out as the saying goes. Enjoy your misinformation.

    3. alec Hannah

      We dont know what tools they used, but Im not going to mention the clear evidence of machinery found at the quarry, Ill just show you all some simple hand tools that couldnt precision-cut giant granite blocks if you had a million years to complete the task

  10. Njoroge Fred

    This is where the Aliens come in!

  11. DR34DLOCK

    Pharo: I made the Jews work for it, Spiral or Science. They had Magic Orbs anyway don’t even need Jews 5000BC 😂 Time Travellers…

  12. b Low

    Since the pyramids were flat on top as they build up. I think they just use a simple center heavy pillar with a series of pullies and long ropes.
    At one end of the rope would be attached to a platform with a sled that slides down the side of pyramids. At the opposite end of the rope will be same system. Workers would load blocks of stones on the platform and which will cause the platform to slide down the side of pyramids while the lifting up the other side of the platform with the stone block needed.

  13. call Me ZERO

    Proceed to the bigger picture , small details lead to the bigger picture 😎

  14. Wayne Donoghue

    The distance of all corners of the great pyramid is 365.242 Egyptian Cubids.. Days in a year = 365.242

    The coordinates of the pyramid 29.9792458.. Speed of light in metres per second = 299, 792, 458

    This guy telling us exactly how they were made: 2:52

  15. José Guerrero

    Cándidas inferencias. Y ya por fin, la piramide de Keops,.. ¿cuanto tiempo tiene?,.. ¿1.400 ó 11.000?.

  16. jmpetersson

    Why wouldnt they have thought about the block and tackle? They might have not written it down, but come on, its so obvious!

    1. Vary Olla

      What may be obvious to you = is not so for others. Thus it becomes a subjective rationalization which exists only for you being premised upon your desire to believe it. Better luck next time.

      Moral of the story: you are attempting to rationalize based upon current knowledge rather than = past evidence. So why stop at block and tackle then??? lol! Why not simply claim that they used diesel powered cranes and bulldozers since after all you have as much evidence to support that as you do your block and tackle claim???

      So you base conclusions upon *WHAT YOU SEE* rather than what you assume with nothing to support the assumption. There is zero evidence to support the Old or Middle Kingdom Egyptians using block and tackle – nada. That makes it just so much more fanciful speculation for your part. Something new to think about.

  17. Xer Socudig Añulatac

    The purpose of the limestone casings was to keep the pyramid to be airtight because the Great Pyramid was an Ancient stone made Water Pump and a Cooling Machine using Steam Jet Refrigeration System..

  18. Shane Ward

    Jus to piss off the people going down the comments whos iq are below 20.

    No supreme beings or as u say gods, helped to build the pyramids. Its science and labour.

  19. Noodles

    The Egyptians were as ancient to the Romans as the Romans are to us. Think about that. And they built this. Its mind boggling.

    1. Vary Olla

      Yet those Romans built upon what the Egyptians and others did before them = just as we built upon what the Romans did long ago. So cultures are like brick walls in that newer ones simply build upon what previous ones did. That makes it less mind boggling when you think about it. They were not stupid = merely less technological than we currently are. In a few thousand years we will probably be viewed the same as some view the Egyptians now.

  20. Sebastian Peralta

    Ancient aliens built what we have now is nothing compared to what they used to build those pyramids back then. Aliens built the pyramids.

  21. azman abas

    Atheist: religious peoples contribute nothing to civilization.
    Ancient Egyptians: hold my pyramid and the sun god, RA.

  22. 놀부

    They didnt need a ramp bigger than the pyramids. What we really need to look for is the technique of moving the rock up by just one space.

    1. Vary Olla

      Lever devices which employ a fulcrum and counterweight akin to the Egyptian shaduf. Also they did use ramps as there is ample evidence of this. The ramps however did not need to go to the top for the simple fact that = the blocks become smaller as the pyramid rises in height.

      So the largest/heaviest blocks are found = in the bottom half of the pyramids closest to the ground. Above the level of the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid the blocks are smaller with those at the top being small enough to have been levered into place by several men. As such the earthen ramp really only need have gone as high as = the Kings Chamber. The smaller blocks above that level could be raised from level to level via the lever device which sat upon the steps and which Herodotus referred as a machine.

  23. Dave Powell

    Hard labour to provide the wealthy with………..

  24. Wishwa Bandara

    What if the pyramid itself is the Ramp!

    1. Vary Olla

      Never premise something with what if………. as you are admitting you lack credible evidence and what is postulated is usually wrong. Just saying. As to ramps. The ramps used to construct the Giza pyramids were made from earthen mixtures of sand/stone chips/tafla – a clay they mined. Near the worker village at Giza is the remains of a massive tafla mining operation. In the western cemetery next to the Great Pyramid are partially completed tombs which have adjoining small earthen ramps made from such as I described.

      Finally when the limestone quarries at Giza were excavated years ago they were found to have had enormous quantities of the material used to make ramps dumped into them. So they used external ramps to raise blocks along with a lever device such as the Egyptian shaduf scaled up which used a fulcrum and counterweight. The blocks of the pyramids become smaller as they rise in height so that the larger blocks on the bottom were raised via the ramp and the smaller blocks above via the machine.

      As they encased the pyramids in white limestone working from the top down as Herodotus wrote they systematically dug away the ramps as they worked and dumped the residue into the open quarries to backfill the area. This is what the evidence shows.

  25. TaurusBull82

    So, why arent there any experiments today that shows humans trying to move huge boulders?

  26. Alex Corona-Delgado

    I learn from these type of videos more then at school😂

  27. User619 TLSDCA

    They used Bulls for the hard stuff. There is Tombs filled with Bull bones and other animals meaning they worship the animals of having them be in use with Pyramid creation. Im sure there was a Buffet before burying the bones.

    1. Vary Olla

      @User619 TLSDCA Stone can be smoothed using an abrasive along with elbow grease and a flat block. Meanwhile the Egyptians had access to various abrasives such as sand or corundum – Mohs scale 9 – along with tafla. Tafla was a sedimentary clay they mined and used for various applications.

      So ever use kitchen scrubber?? It is little more than abrasive particles mixed into a semi-liquid medium along with soap. So by mixing sand or corundum with tafla along with water = you can easily create an abrasive paste so as to polish the surface of blocks smooth. You do not need diamonds.

      Moral of the story: there is a stone artifact which was unearthed at Armana at a museum in NYC. It was created in part using tubular drills. In the drill holes is residue which when analyzed showed = copper and corundum residue.

      Corundum was available to the Egyptians to include emery corundum which was mined for many centuries until modern times on the Greek island of Naxos. So forget about spinning wheels and diamonds. lol!

    2. User619 TLSDCA

      @Vary Olla I believed that so called giant disc they found was filled with Diamonds once and they used the animals to make it spin to cut the Stones. I even believed the Egyptians traded for acid water to be in use of the smoothing of stone surfaces..

    3. Vary Olla

      Correct. The ancient Egyptians the same as others – to include even today in parts of the world – employed draft animals for manual labor. You can see in tomb depictions yoked oxen doing everyday tasks while the tomb of Hunefer shows a funerary process with yoked oxen pulling a large sarcophagus on a wooden sled such as they used.

      So the worker village at Giza contained in its midden heaps many tens of thousands of cattle bones. That places cattle at Giza during the period of the pyramids. As such if they were consuming cattle it is inconceivable they were not also using them for manual labor to include the pulling into place of the larger blocks found towards the bottom of the pyramids. People like to talk about human labor but they always overlook animal labor. An ox can pull more than 2X its own body weight so that teams of oxen could pull multi-ton loads.

  28. realamerican 1

    They werent built by the Egyptians

  29. This Is VENU

    These are some weird looking aliens

  30. Robert Leinen

    Its already been proven that the Egyptians did not build the pyramids their much much older than you gyptians are

  31. star_light

    Can we build the same pyramid today ? Why not trt build one today with modern technology??

    1. Vary Olla

      Too costly given the economics of today. Science Channel a few years ago had a series: _If We Built It Today._ Among the things they detailed was to duplicate the Great Pyramid. Using a few hundred skilled craftsmen for a 5 year construction plan at modern union wage scale alone would be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. So if you total up the cost of transportation + wages + materials + environmental impact studies and so forth they estimated it would cost several billion dollars today.

      So construction companies would be happy to build you a pyramid – even better than the actual one. lol! Just make sure your checkbook is deep however as it would be cost prohibitive.

  32. sean fried

    Surely there was a simple, fairly easy way to do this. Modern thinking just can’t figure it out.

    Ramps and sheer muscle…bullshit

  33. Jake

    You’re a stupid if you think humans built that thousands of years ago

  34. Cary Davis

    Where id all these alleged lin stone white casing stones go to? There would have been hundreds of thousands of them

  35. Akhatarmamdkhan


  36. Rex Raptor

    Aliens built these just like Chichén Itzá Yucatán Mexico 🇲🇽

  37. Steve Fisher

    They FOUND the pyramids….

  38. josaph cj7

    Nephilims helped them build it

    Edit. Just my thought

  39. YouTube life

    It isn’t hard. It was a huge rock and they chiseled it out

  40. D Mimz

    I luv how they show humans pulling the 2ton blocks on sleds while the horses, Camels and oxen stand still watching .

    1. Vary Olla

      lol! Not horses = but they did use oxen. The horse was introduced to Egypt by the Hyksos after the time of the pyramids and its use was limited to royalty and the government – aka the army. The average Egyptian did not raise and use horses – though they did use donkeys which are native to Egypt. Just an aside.

  41. Modern Mind

    Imagine what it must have been like for the Pharaohs master architect when he was told what to build? I wouldve been like, Dude…really? Do you see any rocks around here? Were in the fucking desert!

  42. Robert Leinen

    Maybe the Giants built them giant theme you know 15 ft tall Wayne a thousand pounds big big man or perhaps it didnt carry the stones very far and they were actually right there underneath all that sand which at one time was a river.

  43. star_light

    We just need to watch earth from 6000 light years away with very large telescopes and then we can watch them building the pyramids

  44. African Identity Revealed

    These are works of the Black people I salute black people

  45. Greg Berry

    After 30 years of reading everything I can get my hands on. I can’t help but watch these videos like it’s a Saturday night live skit.

  46. Ricardo Rosas

    Americans always think they know everything n If that was the case they would never in a million years could build something like this

  47. jacky saintfleur

    You can tell how they rape Africa of its resources why do we need North American or European to tell how Egypt build its structures when there are Egyptians still living now picture it the other if we were coming to Europe and North America to tell how theirs are build you see my point..

  48. prajwal Khanal

    Without even watching the video, I will tell how it was made. There is no way human built this pyramid back in those days. If you flip the pages of Hindu Holy books you will fine that God and even just 100 years ago Rishis has used dead people aatma to build insane things. Infact one city in India has been completely built by ghost. There is no way human literally pushed blocks one by one. Super power, meditation and something human can never do in Kaliyug was done.

  49. Sozu Sozin

    I can’t believe they would tear parts of this down

  50. Peter Griffin

    Its funny how all these experts act like its so simple to explain how they made everything, yet Ive never seen a single one actually try carving something that takes skill…. Nobody has ever been able to do it using these methods.

  51. Shaggyone789

    It’s probably a very simple answer but we are just to stupid to see it lol

  52. The Bipolar Achiever

    Or they made them onsite In place. Concrete! It was pored in molds

  53. Jonathan Meza

    If you ever think you’re stupid, just know that there’s people in this comment section that genuinely believe the pyramids were built by aliens and giants, and refuse to accept the possibility that maybe, ancient civilizations were more advanced than we thought

    1. Jonathan Meza

      @Vary Olla exactly, and there’s dummies trying to credit aLiEnS

    2. Vary Olla

      The ancient Egyptians were not stooopid – BUT – neither were they advanced. They simply via trial & error tried various things until they found something which worked and they ran with it. So they made the pyramids using basic techniques: ramps + sleds pulled by teams of men and oxen + levers and lever devices using a fulcrum and counterweight akin to the Egyptian shaduf + copper and gneiss stone tools + and elbow grease. lol!

      They also used fire to help get through bedrock via heating and rapid cooling of the stone using water as well as abrasives such as sand or corundum to polish stone smooth. They were not cavemen after all.

  54. Jeff Smoking

    Silly old fool scraping away for fucking years and years

  55. Cliff Baxter

    I dunno……
    2.3 million blocks….

    46,000/ year * 50 years.
    Thats 5.25 blocks an hour, 24/7 for 50 years…. Found, cut, polished, moved, and fitted into place.

    And you think you have a crap job? LoL

    1. Vary Olla

      You left out the most important variable = synchrony.

      Moral of the story: the Egyptians were not doing things 1 block at a time. They rather were doing things the same as we do today. When building a brick building do masons lay a single brick to go back for another – OR – do teams of masons working in tandem lay bricks in multiple locations simultaneously??? Think about it.

      p.s. – also very few of the total blocks were carefully cut let alone polished. Most are actually nothing more than crudely fractured chunks of stone of varying shapes and sizes which were dropped in place leaving gaps all over. The quarries which supplied that stone lay = 100-200 meters away – so they did not need to be moved very far.

  56. alec Hannah

    This fake history vid getting 4.6 million views terrifies me, nobody is that stoopid, surely?? Ramps? No tech? Really?

  57. Callaghan brake pads

    The aliens helped build those pyramids. Everyone knows that

  58. Arya Firmansyah

    In QS. Al-Qasas Verse 38 is clear what the pyramids are made of…. So burn clay for me, O Haman (to make bricks), then build a high building for me so that I can go up to see the Lord Moses, and I believe that he is a liar. Because the land that is thousands of years old, will by itself harden like stone.

  59. Shashank Bhardwaj

    Thanks modiji for making pyramids by his own🙏
    4500 years ago

  60. £i$a Marie

    I always think very deeply and am open to bigger things because well this planet is huge and limitless and theres so so much we dont know and will never know and we are def not the only race in existence and not the only world or realm but as far as Egypt it seems they had more technical knowledge then then we do now because those pyramids cant be built now or recreated exact and with no machinery no less that tells me the whole alien high tech and very intelligent as they are known for being would be the case here idk how or what they did but I believe aliens and Egyptians co existed and then got wiped out unless they were the aliens we think of as looking big headed black eyes green or pale skin lol idk where there image of an alien came from but we could have it all wrong they were diff.they had long necks and skinnier noses very slim and they were half human but half diff features they also say there DNA is no of human kind so Id say thats what an alien is

  61. Lac Geo

    My belief, given their intelligence of precision, they had a pulley system and each man could haul 1 stone by himself. Enough pulleys, I can lift a car with my pinky finger.

  62. Tural Eminli

    I wouldnt imagine so many adult people believe in such stupid construction of piramid. Are u really so much stupid or not clever that creating such stupid imagination even filiming like this something. Crazy. I was around 25 years old, found how they have crated it or constructed.

  63. Sanders Rogue

    Hidden secret: The pyramids are missile launchers

  64. Prodigy

    Brutal people these were the first to do slavery. The pyramids were built on slavery nothing to be proud of.

    1. Prodigy

      @Vary Olla I havent claimed anything Im just stating facts I dont need to provided you anything you can go research yourself Im not your parent if you want to belive inaccurate history then hey go ahead lmao

    2. Vary Olla

      @Prodigy lol! Those videos claiming slaves were also likely created by French models…………..think about it.

      Moral of the story: garbage in ———> garbage out. Also do not think I did not notice how you failed to support what you previously claimed.

    3. Prodigy

      @Vary Olla why have you just done a calculation when all you need to do is actually research I mean even just researching on YouTube you can find the pyramids were intact built by slaves

    4. Vary Olla

      @Prodigy LMAO!! Thank you for my daily chuckle. Also what you claim here is of course pure fantasy. To make matters worse it reflects the worse of superficial logic for you to believe such nonsense.

      Moral of the story: the suburbs of modern-day Cairo encroach to less than a mile from the Giza necropolis = to the *EAST* no less. lol!! Thus how can there supposedly be slave barracks there when that area is part of Cairo now and would have been part of the Nile embankment back then.

      Geology of the area shows that the Nile tract back in the Old Kingdom ran less than a mile to the east from where the necropolis now sits. Thus nothing would have been built there as that area was turned into = a floodplain each year when the Nile flooded its banks to create a shallow lake encroaching to within a few hundred meters of the Giza necropolis.

      This is but one fantasy exposed = so imagine how easily the rest of your nonsense can similarly be debunked. Try to fool another as clearly I know the facts here better than you do. Better luck next time.

    5. Prodigy

      @Vary Olla there is so much evidence to suggest they were slaves alot of the skeletons had missing hands and feet and alot were buried with chains and there was slave barracks just 1 mile east of the pyramids. If you believe they were treated right then the only thing I can think you believe that is because you hate to believe that black people invented slavery.

  65. Treece Barringer

    I heard they used Alchemy to soften the stone

  66. Il Blac lI

    They used water to make sure the wood was level

  67. Wypke Wypkema

    Get a quantity surveyor and do a costing of how much it will cost in today’s terms🥴then you will know it is truly amazing

  68. Fahim Ahmmed Naim

    You didnt mention how they cut the stones . I mean wtf man. Thats so crucial

  69. Domino

    Cmon man, we all know the aliens built it

  70. Kaisary Zaman

    Only one solution for know about this construction TIME TRAVEL

  71. Big Daddy J

    Some other entity have had to help them , with the architecture and everything

    1. Big Daddy J

      @Psychokinetic_ that’s interesting and I believe that , if it’s angels then yes I believe that

    2. Psychokinetic_

      A couple months ago I read this very interesting article talking about how angels were somewhat involved with the pyramids. I forgot mostly what it said but it was about this very young girl (she was a child but very smart for her age) and she accidentally got locked in something and claimed there were 3 angels surrounding her and they told her stuff that We’ve all been wondering and explained a little about the pyramids

  72. Psychokinetic_

    It’s aliens or evolved humans. The pyramids were built with the latitude and longitude matching the speed of light, they line up with the Orion belt star constellation, the stones were too heavy for humans and there were no machines to help. It may sound crazy but it wasn’t humans or normal humans that built them, period.

  73. Rj Hayes

    They just had brains and bronze back then, that’s all 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  74. Kevin M

    Yeah Im sure they just chipped away at granite with a copper chisel to make it flatter than a mirror

  75. Jamie Osborne

    Aliens not Egyptians 😉

  76. Rahul PR

    Wondering always about that piramids

  77. Alberto Melendez

    Sorry but thats no true

  78. Gary Wright

    Anyone who has professional knowledge of working with stone will piss themselves laughing at the guy with a string and a pebble telling us thats how that shaped massive granite blocks.

  79. Amazing Popular Magic Facts

    Greetings from Indonesia…..👍👍🙏🙏💓💓💓

  80. Vulkan775

    Damn precision… Soo good😍😍😍 Just like sliced with advanced automated machinery… !!!
    Hope humanity will crack the technology behind it one day…!!! 😊 Egyptians are ultra legends… 🔥🔥🔥

  81. Jose Malave

    I believe Hercules was around in this time of life .he built it

  82. Sabbir Hossain

    Ancient peoples lets build something for our future generation. 😂😂
    Future generation: It was built by aliens. 😂
    Ancient people from after life didnt know our 😂 future generation would be stupid 😭

  83. Gin Wkr

    People were huge too in that era…
    Its all written in the The holy book, Quran.

  84. Ajay Swan

    Primitive technology YouTuber can build this pyramid

  85. Stax G

    Its just odd that black ppl who are the original builders of the pyramids are only showed as hard labour and the people who are telling the story is a bunch of confused ppl..why dont they interview the ppl that built the pyramids and stop acting lost 🤣🤣🤣

  86. candid moe

    If they were a ramp, where are its remains?

    1. Vary Olla

      Sitting in the desert next to the necropolis. When the adjacent limestone quarries at Giza were excavated years ago they were found to have had massive quantities of sand/stone chips/tafla dumped into them. Tafla is a sedimentary clay the Egyptians mined and used for lots of things. There is the remains of a huge tafla mining operation near the worker village at Giza,

      So next to the Great Pyramid is the western cemetery. In the cemetery are partially constructed tombs = and next to those are small earthen ramps made from the same material found dumped into the limestone quarries. So the answer to where are the ramps is = they are still at Giza – just dumped into the surrounding desert after the site was excavated over the years.

      Moral of the story: Herodotus wrote the Egyptians first created what was termed as _a great causeway_ which he stated took 10 years and was considered to be as great an undertaking as the pyramid itself. Then they spent another 20 years completing the pyramid. So that causeway = ramp.

      He also wrote they then encased the pyramid in white limestone working from the top down. That ramp need only go as high as the largest/heaviest blocks to be raised = Kings Chamber. Above that level the blocks are smaller as the pyramid rises in height. So he stated they used a machine and levers. The machine was likely a larger version of the Egyptian shaduf employing a fulcrum and counterweight and it would have sat upon the steps to raise the smaller blocks above as he finally said they first created a stepped pyramid ala Djoser to then fill it in. So as they encased the pyramid in white limestone from the top down = they systematically dug away the ramp as they went and dumped the residue into the quarries to backfill the area.

      p.s. – they might have also used smaller mudbrick ramps above as well. There are the remains of such at Karnak used to build temples there while the tomb of Rekhmire shows a hypostyle temple being built using a mudbrick ramp. Something new to think about.

  87. ideos

    Ancient Egyptians were very good at witchcraft, as well as at slave owning. Either one of these can explain the pyramids.

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